davidWelcome, I hope you find this site a source of interest and enjoyment. As you will see, my fields on interest are fairly wide and, like many others, I try to combine my main passion, composition, with performing. However, I plan to have other things on this site other than matters purely musical. These “other things” will attempt to convey a love of nature, life, and the arts and how they may have influenced me. Coming from a family of artists, the visual artsĀ  have a significant part in this and I often see parallels in both disciplines. What one realizes most of all is that art should be organic as seen in the lines drawn by the cave artists all those millennia ago in the caves of Chauvet and Lascaux or in a beautiful melodic line by a Bach or Mozart. Both these activities are born from nature and the human condition and they do convey things of mystery and beauty. Those words should not be sneered at in my opinion, because they convey a search for truth, however imperfect our attempts to approach it may be. So please feel free to click through these pages, and if you find something of interest or even delight, so much the better!